Top Ten Reasons This Should Be Your Opportunity of Choice


1. Stability – The company with which we are associated was founded in 1992. It is solid and publicly traded. We have passed the pioneering stage where many new companies fail and are currently entering the momentum stage where fortunes are created.

2. Experience - The Founder and Chairman of the Board of the company with which we are associated, has years of hands-on experience in international business. He has established two successful corporations, and has been recognized by several organizations by receiving prestigious awards, including the Albert Einstein Achievement Award. The company has a solid management team with years of successful business leadership.

3. Quality – The company manufactures and packages many of its own products in its own state-of-the-art facilities. It guarantees the quality and potency of all its products.

4. Credibility - World-class athletes, best-selling authors, motivational speakers, and experienced business professionals have already joined forces with the company.

5. Expert Training - As an independent sales associate you have the opportunity to be trained by the best in the world in the areas of health, wealth, and empowerment. That is the concept behind our Team. We work together for each other’s success.

6. Leading-Edge Technology - The company with which we are associated develops its products using the latest research. The company has collaborated on research with scientists at the Linus Pauling Institute and has sponsored unique research at the Cardiology Research Institute in Moscow.

7. Freedom - You are free from the typical work week. Your life is on your schedule.

8. Exploding Market - Seventy-six million-baby boomers are aging, and they are looking for products that make them look and feel better. The company is designed to help you meet this demand by offering quality products in a nutrition market that has tripled over the last five years.

9. Fair and Lucrative Compensation – The company’s compensation plan allows all people an opportunity to succeed. It has been rated the number one rated compensation plan (binary compensation plan) by Network Marketing Magazine’s “The People’s Choice Awards” for the last seven years running.

10. Incentives - From traveling the world to staying at the finest hotels and relaxing in splendor, our fellow associates are treated like celebrities as they reach for the stars.


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