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Hints for Swallowing Tablets/Pills for People Who Struggle

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Here are a few “tricks” you could try for swallowing tablets or pills. As a matter of fact by using the first trick in swallowing tablets, I’m able to swallow as much as 10 tablets at once. However, if it helps anyone be able to swallow just one or two at a time, great.

Trick 1:
After putting the desired number of tablets in your mouth; e.g., 1 to 4 tablets, … take a swig of juice …filling your mouth to the point where your cheeks puff out a little. Then swallow! You’ll find you will more easily swallow tablets with the more liquid in your mouth. It forces your throat open, making swallowing easier. (Although you may do this with water, it seems like juice works better.)

Trick 2:
Keep your head level (or chin slightly down) when swallowing tablets. Tilting your head back “closes off” the esophagus, and opens the trachea …which is how they intubate you when they put you under anesthesia. Of course you’re more likely to choke while trying to swallow that way.

So, put the desired number of tablets in your mouth, then use a flexible straw and suck down juice (or water) with your chin down, …which opens the esophagus, allowing the pills to go down more easily. Again, the more liquid in your mouth when you swallow, the easier the tablets go down.