Updates in Health

Dr. Ladd R. McNamara, M.D.

Below is a past list of "Updates in Health," information about health-related topics, particularly nutritional supplements and the powerful effect they have on maintaining health.  Usually, these updates include references to the latest news and studies on a particular subject. 

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D-Day: Assault on Chronic Disease with High Dose Vitamin D  

The New Study on Statins (Nov 2008) PROVES that Heart Disease is an Inflammatory Process 

Rebuttal to the Recent FLAWED Report that Antioxidants Shorten Life span

Cataracts: Reduced Risk With Vitamin E, Lutein, Zeaxanthin And Grape Seed Extract.    

Co-Enzyme Q10 (C-Q10), Statin Drugs, Heart Health And The Cholesterol Conspiracy.    

Curcumin: The Health Benefits Of Turmeric Extract.   

Lead in Our Food? Now That's A Heavy Meal.   

Vitamin D, 1,000 IU/Day Is Critical For Your Health: Decreases The Risk Of Cancer!   

Vitamin E Deficiency   


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